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ABOUT US - Unique Technology

UTA is positioned to offer a market integration service to technical developers, and to be a technical solution provider to process and plant owners.
The stakeholders in UTA noticed that there is a gap between the end user of embedded technology solutions and the technical developers of these solutions.

Our approach is first of all to understand the application environment, or involve a stakeholder who does. We also understand the technology available, and involve expert technical partners to supply detailed knowledge regarding the solution.
If there is a viable solution which would benefit all the stakeholders involved, the end result would typically be a combination of hardware and software with the following characteristics:

  • The capability and integration is driven by the demand of the end user requirement, with the appropriate technology applied to conform to the requirement.
  • It will have its origin in a value concept, i.e. the real value added to the end user must justify the cost incurred.
  • The measurement of the correct parameter in the correct location to provide the processor with the best possible data set. This eliminates unnecessary assumptions and compromises, which lead to more accurate controls and alarms.
  • The solution could be tested and approved according to a process driven by the end user

The solution presented to the customer usually consists of an embedded component with various in- and outputs, a user Interface etc. This package would be properly commercialised and prepared for the intended market.
When these are complimented with excellent customer service and technical backup, the end result is a winner!

Projects can be undertaken for a customer with a specific need which usually involves a finite production quantity, or for a product which will be prepared for a retail industry distribution channel with a longer life cycle.

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